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What Is Your Exterior Trying To Tell You - 3 Signs You Need House Washing

3 signs you need house washing

No one said taking care of a home would be a cakewalk. As rewarding as it is, there seems to always be another task to add to the ongoing to-do list.

One project that tends to be commonly overlooked is the need for pressure washing. The outside of your home gets dirty as grime begins to accumulate over time. The problem is this accumulation is gradual enough that you may overlook the true severity.

Another problem is you need to make sure the company you hire uses soft washing instead of standard power washing for more delicate materials like siding. If you've been procrastinating, it's time to decide if you need to schedule that house washing as soon as possible.

Beyond The Dirt: Is Your Home In Need Of Soft Washing?

If your home looks dirty, you'll realize you need to schedule house washing. However, there's more than just exterior dirt to remind you to call in the pros for your annual outer surface cleaning services:

  • Stains
    The brown dirt and green algae are unsightly, but if you notice you have stains, you can't keep putting the house washing off. Contact pressure washing experts to quickly rectify the problem so that those stains don't become permanent.

  • Pests
    If insects are building nests and spiders are building webs, it's time for a thorough cleaning. You'll remove these nests and help reduce the risk of new ones popping up right away.

  • Clogged Gutters
    Your gutters will look bad, and the clogs cause water and sludge to spill over. This spillover will stain your siding and can cause flooding around your foundation. If you begin to have flooding at your foundation, you could run into some seriously costly repairs and even put the structural integrity of your home at risk.

If you know it's been a while since your last professional house washing; it's time to change that.Give Baxter Pro Services a call and get the best pressure washing for your Florence exterior surfaces.


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