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Tips for Choosing Paint Colors for the Interior of Your Home

Tips for choosing paint colors for the interior of your home

Are you tired of looking at the same old tired walls in your home? Have you decided it’s time for an update? But, you’re not sure what you want, and just thinking about delving into paint colors gives you the jitters.

You are not alone. Hiring a professional to paint your walls is the easy part. Choosing colors is up to you. And it is not a fun task for many. For those of you who are out of your forte, here are a few tips to help you wade through those stacks of paint samples.

Are you happy with the colors you have now?

Perhaps all you need is another coat- or two- of the same color that is on the walls now. Maybe your energetic children have accented your walls, trim, and doors with multiple knicks, scrapes, and perhaps even…holes. Maybe your house is older and it has been quite a few years since it has had a makeover, but the previous owner chose a timeless color that still looks great today.

Ask yourself a couple of questions. First, look through all the imperfections to the color(s) underneath. Do you love what you see? Does it work well with your furniture and décor? Or, are you sick of seeing that color, or those colors? Second, will you be shopping for new furniture and/or redecorating? If so, that will factor in, as the couch shouldn’t clash with the color on the wall behind it or the picture hanging above it.

Do you want to use one color throughout the house or use a variety of colors?

If you decide to change the color of your walls, don’t be overwhelmed. This is totally doable and you are up for the task! The next step is simply a matter of opinion. Some people choose to use one color throughout their house while others want a variety. Why should you choose one or the other?

You might choose a variety if you love lots of color and vibrancy and would be bored with the same color throughout the house. If you choose to use a variety of colors, you should make sure your colors flow from room to room, especially with an open floor plan. It’s a little hard on the eyes to transition from orange to red to pink.

On the other hand, choosing only one color is simpler and can be less expensive to hire out. If you choose to use one color, you should consider using different shades of that color in different rooms or even within the same room. Having an accent wall or a section around the fireplace with a darker tone of color adds definition. You can also accent with stained wood walls and décor colors that offset the wall color.

What colors will you be happy with long term?

Now that you’ve decided on either one or multiple colors, you actually choose your color(s). But since you have the other decisions out of the way, what’s left isn’t so hard. Again, furniture and décor come into play. But fortunately, the most popular colors these days are neutrals, beige, white, grey, earth tones, colors that are easy to work with.

If you favor a color, imagine looking at that same color in four years. Interior walls should be repainted every three to five years for best results, if not sooner, depending on your lifestyle and family. Will you tire of the color before then? Does the color make you happy or calm? If it does, it probably won’t get old to you. Is it a passing fad that you will later regret? If it’s only one room that would be simple to repaint, that may be fine.

Which paint sample is the one?

Once you have narrowed it down to a color or two, the last thing is to figure out the correct shade. Don’t just buy gallons of paint and start painting or have your contractor start painting! You may end up hating the color once it’s actually on the walls.

Your local paint store will sell you a “sample” container of paint. Buy a few samples in various shades of a color. Grab some poster board and paint a couple of different shades on each board. Walk around the room and hold up the board to different walls, as it will look slightly different in different parts of the room (or in different parts of the house). This will give you a better idea of what shade you like.

Choosing paint colors may seem like a herculean task but one step at a time it’s not so bad. If you relax you may even enjoy it! The space and the choice are yours. Have fun with it! The satisfaction you will feel when you look at those fresh clean walls in that beautiful color will be more than worth any trouble!


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